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Rue's Rainbow Remix Rope Leash

Product Description

All the colors of the rainbow in one radiant rope leash!

Why You'll Love Ripley & Rue's Rainbow Remix Rope Leash:

  • 5/8" width by 5 foot length
  • 100% organic soft cotton rope dog leash
  • Best for dogs over 15+ lbs and up to 90lbs
  • Rose gold swivel leash clip | light weight, yet sturdy
  • D-ring at base of handle to hang your poop bags or keys
  • Finished with heart split ring, R&R metal logo tag and tassel
  • Hand-dyed | Each leash may differ slightly and slight imperfections may occur

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Lay flat to dry. Dry hardware immediately after wash.

Disclaimer: Please do not let your dog chew on the rope or tassel. The product is to be used on dogs only. Please check for normal wear when using the leash. Replace when necessary. Gift Spawt and Ripley & Rue are not responsible for damages caused by misuse of products.