Pupsavers Candy - Power Plush

Product Description

Add some color and sweetness to your favorite pooch's playtime with this power plush toy. Wrapped in a crinkly rainbow and silver material, Pupsavers candy can rescue any dog from a dull day. It looks just like the human-version Lifesavers and is as strong as it is fun!

Measures  8"

Each whimsical Lulubelles POWER PLUSH candy dog toy is backed with an extra layer of durable mesh fused on the inside to make these high-quality, soft plush toys hold up to the scrappiest canines!

No loose pieces and each seam is reinforced using nylon seam tape for extra strength. All toy material used is safe, non-toxic and has no heavy metal.

Modeled by: Turtledove (@liberace_minipig_divadude) 

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