Navy Ombre Rope Collar

Product Description

Our strong, 100% cotton rope collars are a perfect choice for the eco-conscious dog parent. Add them to your dog's walking wardrobe for a pop of eye-catching color. 

Why You'll Love It:

  • Handmade: 100% cotton rope is hand-dipped in natural dye to get our luxurious ombre shade
  • Classic look: Black leather accent
  • Strong: 3/4" thick rope is hand-spliced and ends are whipped for added  strength and durability
  • Durable: High-quality gold metal buckle and heavy-duty gold D-ring to hook onto your dog's leash 
  • Make it a set with our Navy Ombre Rope Leash




Pet Weight


10-13 in

½ in

10-14 lbs


12.5-15 in

5/8 in

12-32 lbs


15-18 in

7/8 in

33-40 lbs

Care Instructions:

Gently hand wash in mild soap and cold water. Do not machine wash. Hang to air dry. Rinse metal hardware off immediately after playing in saltwater or mud. Our rope collars are hand-dyed so there may be a slight color variation from your screen. As with all collars and leashes, always supervise your pet when they are wearing accessories around their neck. Woof + Wonder is not responsible for any damages caused by owner negligence or misuse of our products.