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Grrrona Beach Cooler Gift Set

Product Description

Chill out during the dog days of summer with a Grrrona Beach Cooler gift set! It has everything pups need to enjoy a cool, frosty, and fun day at the beach.

Each gift set includes:

  • Interactive Grrrona Beach Cooler by Haute Diggity Dog - includes 1 Grrrona cooler, 1 mini beach ball, 1 mini beer can, and 1 mini lime wedge
  • Pair of black or yellow doggy sunglasses
  • Decorated Grrrona dog cookie by Doobie's Baked Goodies
  • Gift tag with a personalized message from you!

Sunglasses Sizing

Size Frame Width Breeds
XS/S  3.14" Toy breeds, maltese, yorkie, shihtzu, bichon
M 4.33" Doodle, frenchie, corgi, cocker spaniel


Your gift will arrive in a hot pink Gift Spawt box with festive confetti tape to let the recipient know they've got magical mail.