About the Store

What is a social gift shop? 

Why should I shop at Gift Spawt?

Gift Spawt is a unique shopping and gifting experience. Unlike subscription boxes, dogs are able to personally select toys for themselves and friends. We want to make sure that every Gift Spawt toy elicits tail-wagging excitement, and you only pay for items you love. 

Gift Spawt also simplifies the gift-giving process to save dog parents time and energy. You can shop for everyone on your list and ship to different mailing addresses in one checkout

Gifting and Shopping

How do I send a gift? 

To send a gift, click on the Give a Gift Button.

Select gifts for one or more friends and add them to your cart. At checkout, you can designate the recipient and shipping address for each toy and complete all of your gifting in one transaction.  

You can also include a message with your gift.

Can I shop for myself? 

Absolutely! Gift Spawt operates as a full e-commerce site, so shop away. 

Visit the Give a Gift page and treat yourself to a new plush toy or accessory. 

Your Account and the Community 

Do I have to login or create a member account to place an order? 

At checkout, you may complete your purchase as a member or as a guest. 

While an account profile is not required to shop, members receive exclusive promotions and discounts and can interact with friends in the Gift Spawt community.

How do I join?  

You can login with your Instagram or Facebook username and password. Your profile picture will automatically be imported to your Gift Spawt account. 

If you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook login, you can create an account with your e-mail. 

What is SocialShopWave Photos and why are they requesting access to my information?
SocialShopWave is a secure application that our site has installed to allow you to login with Instagram. You have the right to revoke this app's access at any time by visiting your profile page and clicking "revoke" in the access section. 
How do I edit my member profile?

You can access your profile in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage (on desktop) or the menu (on mobile). 

Members are able to view their orders, view and edit their profile, and receive notifications. 

Account profiles can be edited to include your name, bio, photo, birthday, gender, and privacy settings. We recommend listing your name in the "First Name" field and your IG handle in the "Last Name" field.


You can also enter your social media accounts and manage notification settings in your profile.

Who are the members of Gift Spawt? 

A lot of our members are part of Instagram and Facebook's dog community, and you’ll definitely see some familiar fluffy faces. 

We welcome all dogs to join Gift Spawt, so feel free to invite others and reach out to new members.   

Does it cost anything to become a member? 

Being a member of Gift Spawt is completely free. You don’t have to commit to a subscription service or provide any financial information to join. 
Does my member activity (i.e. following an account) on Gift Spawt affect my other social media accounts?
When you interact with another member on Gift Spawt, your activity is limited to this site. So following a friend's Gift Spawt account, commenting on a photo, or liking a member's wishlist will not appear or have any effect on your social media accounts. This remains true even if you login with Instagram or Facebook.

How do I find my friends on Gift Spawt?

Visit our Members page to find friends. You can enter their name or Instagram handle in the search bar located in the upper right-hand corner.

You can also follow your friends and favorite accounts. 

What is the newsfeed? 

The newsfeed features recently added toys and displays member activity. It also announces when a dog joins the community. 

Shipping and Contact Us

When will my gift be sent?

Orders will be delivered by USPS, and we offer several shipping options.

You will receive e-mail notifications to confirm your order, provide tracking information, and update delivery status.

Can I create an address book for shipping gifts to my friends?

Yes, you can import phone contacts and create an address book for Gift Spawt purchases. This feature is available once an account profile has been created. 

How to Add and Save an Address: Visit your account profile ➢ My Orders ➢ View Addresses ➢ Add a New Address ➢ enter contact name ➢ enable autofill to complete that friend's shipping information. Please select the appropriate state from the dropdown box and review the address before saving. At checkout, choose from your Saved Addresses. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

At this time, we only ship to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K. We hope to expand to other countries soon and will keep our members updated. 

If I ship to several friends in one transaction, do I pay multiple shipping fees?

If you select the multiple shipping option, you will pay for shipping to each address. With the exception of Priority Mail, all of our shipping costs are calculated by destination and weight and are equal to or less than the post-office.

Plus, you save the time and hassle of packaging and mailing the gifts yourself!
How can I contact Gift Spawt with any other questions or concerns? 

We love hearing from our members! Click contact us or e-mail us at 

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