It started with two furry friends 

Gift Spawt was inspired by the Instagram friendship of two dogs named Riley. They liked each other’s photos, shared comments, and sent direct messages. After a few months, the humans behind the dogs introduced themselves, and that’s where we come in. 

Their humans shopped, shipped, and had an idea 

 Hi. We’re Allison and Mariana – dog moms, toy enthusiasts, and co-founders of Gift Spawt. We’ve spent the past three years sending stuffed animals and cards between the U.S. and Canada as personal shoppers and post-mates for our dogs. While exchanging pawmail was a blast, it also required a lot of time and preparation. We wanted to simplify the gift-giving process and make shopping for dog toys a fun and unique experience. 

 A social gift shop for dogs

 Gift Spawt was launched in 2018 as a place where dogs can connect with online friends, send and receive gifts, shop, and learn what toys their besties are buying. Speaking of toys, we have a pretty amazing collection of cuddly, stylish, and interactive plush products.

Thanks for joining the Gift Spawt community! 

 We’re so glad you’re here. 


 Allison and Mariana    

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