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When Riley Met Riley - 5 Fun Facts About These Dog Friends

by Gift Spawt April 26, 2018 2 min read

When Riley Met Riley - 5 Facts About These Dog Friends | Gift Spawt

Two dogs, @riley_thecockapoo and @riley.pup, both joined Instagram in the Fall of 2015 and become fast friends over their shared name and love of pizza. Riley and Riley wanted to take their online relationship to the next level for Valentine’s Day 2016 and decided it was time for their moms, Mariana and Allison, to get acquainted too.

Following their “Meet the Parents” moment, the Riley’s had a series of virtual dates since @riley_thecockapoo lives in Ontario, Canada and @riley.pup lives in Washington, DC. They even exchanged some dog-approved holiday and birthday gifts through the mail.

Riley and Riley have now been besties for over 2.5 years and wanted to share 5 fun facts about their friendship.

1. We are both huge Ninja Turtles fans.

@riley_thecockapoo’s parents bought us the same TMNT t-shirt, and @riley.pup’s mom got us awesome Ninja Turtle bandanas as gifts. What can we say, the Riley’s are two stylish dogs.

      Riley wearing her favorite Ninja Turtle t-shirt for TMNT Tuesday.

    Riley wearing his Ninja Turtle bandana for TMNT Tuesday.

2. Thursdays are date night to watch Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder.

We love to eat popcorn during TGIT and can’t believe that there aren’t more dog doctors and pup gladiators on these shows.

3. Our long-distance relationship and Skype sessions were documented on @riley_thecockapoo’s web series “Riley and Friends.”

Like a typical dood, @riley.pup fell asleep during one of the dates! He made up for it by sending a giftof treats and a squeaky donut.

4. We hosted a "Pups Love Spring" photo contest on Instagram and met so many new dog friends.

Who doesn't love Spring?

5. It's not just a Riley thing, but we're both addicted to stuffed animals.

@riley_thecockapoo’s favorite friends are Mr. Bear and Panda, and @riley.pup can’t sleep without Bun Bun and his monkey.

These are just some of our greatest moments, and we’re looking forward to many more. Our parents even said that we may get to meet in real life this year!

     Just two teddy bears hanging out in their TMNT shirts.

This turtle is my friend, but I'm not sure if she is a TMNT.

How did you and your online bestie meet? Do you send each other messages, Skype, or mail holiday cards and gifts? Comment below to share some of your own dog friendshipfacts!

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