Long-distance Relationships Can be Ruff! So, Tootsie Found a Way to Bring Dog Friends Together

by Gift Spawt June 18, 2018 3 min read

Tootsie's Summer Gift Exchange | Blog | Gift Spawt

Tootsie (@justcallme_toots) is a two-year-old chihuahua/poodle/yorkie mix from Los Angeles, CA. She’s a real girly girl and adores mermaids and her new unicorn named Periwinkle! Toots is also a social butterfly and has made so many awesome friends around the world since she joined Instagram in November 2017. 

In fact, she just organized her second gift swap, where dogs from IG are paired with a partner to exchange fun present packages. Since Gift Spawt is obsessed with all things dog, gift, and friendship-related, we couldn’t wait to learn more about Tootsie’s summer swap. She shared all the details of her exchange with us, and even revealed what she loves about bringing dog friends together.

What’s Tootsie’s favorite part about her gift swap? 

Tootsie says that the BEST part about exchanging gifts with long-distance friends is that you get to know them better and truly build a beautiful friendship! Plus, it’s so fun to be creative and customize presents to match your partner’s personality. The other awesome thing about a swap is the surprise factor! Dogs are filled with excitement when they receive snail mail and have no clue what they’re getting until they open the package.

Do other dogs get as excited about participating in swaps?

After hosting a swap this spring, Tootsie decided that summer needed a celebration too. Her first exchange had 25 participants, and swap buddies gave their partners a special thank you by posting photos of their gifts and tagging #tootsiesspringswap. She expects that the summer swap will be an even bigger success, and 60 puppy pals have already decided to join.

 What gift did Tootsie receive from her swap partner?

This time around, Tootsie was lucky enough to be paired with Bentley (@bentleys_bear_adventures), and he sent her a mermaid themed gift. She was thrilled to open her pawmail and find a pink mermaid with her name on it and a beautiful bandana. 

That’s some great gifting, Bentley and mom! 

Gift swaps help dogs from the IG community meet new friends 

Tootsie has become great friends with all of her swap buddies so far and thinks that’s one of the most special things about the gift exchange. Some of her IG besties are @izziespuppygram, @bentleys_bear_adventures, @tiffanysofia1120, @handsome_hamilton, @diesel_minnie, @kiwi_the_poodle, and @poppinpipoca. While Tootsie is close with all of the pups in her swap, the majority of participants may follow one another, but don’t necessarily know each other. She loves that she’s able to bring so many dogs from IG’s community together.

Tootsie’s already planning her next swap!

If you missed out on this exchange, don’t despair! Tootsie has some fun ideas for her next swap that will take place around the holidays, and so many dogs already want to participate. She pairs pups with a different buddy for each swap, so everyone gets to send and receive a gift from someone new!

 A special thank you to Tootsie’s mom for organizing her swaps and sharing her story with us. You can follow her adventures on IG at @justcallme_toots. 

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