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Psst! Here Are 6 Things That Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

by Gift Spawt January 21, 2019 3 min read

6 Things That Your Dog is Trying to Tell You | Blog | Gift Spawt

Have you ever wished that you knew what your dog was thinking or that he could tell you how he feels? We’d like to believe that we have a shared love and understanding with our pups that makes our bond with them so strong. But it would still be nice to know what’s going on in their fluffy heads sometimes, right? 

Here are 6 things that your dog wants you to know.

1. I Forgive and Forget

One of the greatest things about dogs is that they are inherently good and don’t hold grudges, act out of spite, or seek revenge. While you may interpret your pup chewing your favorite shoes or pooping in your closet as a way of getting back at you for being gone too long or denying a treat or toy, this is not the case. In fact, destructive behaviors often signify separation anxiety or boredom and working to alleviate these feelings can be mutually beneficial for dog and human.

2. I May Be Trying to Tell You Something with My Tail Wags

A tail wag is usually your dog’s way of telling you he’s happy. However, in certain instances, he could be trying to communicate something else. So, take note of the type of wag – high and fast typically means excitement and joy, but low and slow can relay fearfulness or caution. Additionally, look beyond the tail to the rest of your pup’s body language for the best indication of what’s on his mind.

3. I’m Not Always in the Mood for a Cuddle

Who doesn’t love coming home after a long day and cuddling on the couch with their pup? But just because we’re constantly in the mood for a snuggle doesn’t mean that dogs are always feeling our PDA. If you’re unsure if your dog wants to cuddle as much as you do, see how she acts after an embrace. Dogs that come back for more or paw at you for additional affection are usually down to be your cuddle buddy. Pups that lick their lips, turn away, or shake it off, may either be less snuggly or just not into it at that particular moment.

4. I Know How You Feel

Our dogs often know how we’re feeling better than friends, family, and even ourselves. That’s because they are extremely perceptive and attuned to body language and tone of voice. So, when you’ve had a bad day at work or a fight with your significant other, pups can sense it and give you space or attention as needed.

5. I Can Tell Time – Sort Of

Although dogs don’t know how to read a clock or have the same concept of time as humans, they do understand patterns of behavior. Therefore, they look to cues and changes in their environment to predict when their parents are due home from work, meals, play time, etc.

6. I Want to be Treated Like an Individual

Just like people, dogs are unique beings with their own preferences, needs, and behaviors. These are often the result of their genetic predisposition, early life experiences, and training. Therefore, it’s important that we take these factors into account and recognize all of our pup’s personality traits and quirks that make them special.

Most of all, dogs want us to know that they love us unconditionally, which is a great thing, since we feel the exact same way about them! Does your dog have her own way of letting you know how she feels or what she’s thinking? We want to know - - share it in the comments below!

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