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Peeing Alone is Boring! Why Bentley Always Brings a Buddy

by Gift Spawt May 07, 2018 2 min read

Why Bentley Always Brings A Pee Buddy | Blog | Gift Spawt

Bentley (@minidoodlebentley) is a one year old mini goldendoodle from Rockville, Maryland. When he was just 4 months old, he decided that peeing alone was boring, and it should be more of a team effort. 

One morning, Bentley grabbed hisfuzzy llamaand proceeded to carry it in his mouth to the backyard. He found the perfect grassy patch and kept llama securely in his mouth while peeing. Since that day, he always chooses astuffed animal to accompany him on his trips to the bathroom. Bentley lovingly refers to these friends as his pee buddies.

Who’s Bentley’s favorite pee buddy?

According to Bentley, his favorite pee buddy is a gigantic stuffed moose that’s starting to lose some of his stuffing. Whoops! He tries to take this big guy out with him every night before bed, and his mom always tries to stop him and convince him to take a more portable pal.

Bentley’s friends have pee buddies too

He recently spent a long weekend at his bestie Kaden’s house (@kicking.back.with.kaden)and decided to use some of his friend’s stuffed animals as pee buddies during his stay. Kaden must have thought this was an awesome idea because a few days later, Kaden’s mom caught him carrying a stuffed animal outside on his bathroom breaks!

Other dogs on Instagram have also started bringing pee buddies out with them, and some even messaged Bentley’s mom asking her how she taught him to do it. (For the record, it was all Bentley!)

How to choose the perfect pee buddy

Bentley’s methods for choosing the perfect pee buddy can vary from day to day. In the mornings, he often takes a stuffed animallfrom his bed. Other times, he can be more indecisive, and it can become a process going from toy to toy in order to find the one.

Bentley says that stuffed animals make the best pee buddies because they are lightweight, fit well in a puppy’s mouth, and usually make fun noises! 

Thank you to Bentley’s mom for sharing his story with us. You can follow all of Bentley’s adventures on IG @minidoodlebentley

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