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Go Ahead and Pig Out! How It Helped Cooper Find His BFF

by Gift Spawt June 10, 2018 2 min read

Go Ahead & Pig Out! It Helped Cooper Find His BFF | Blog | Gift Spawt

Cooper (@cooperdoodle2015)is a 3-year old F1 goldendoodle from Southern California. He loves game night, playing outside with his human brothers, and doodle romps with Bowser (@bowserkoopaha) and Grady (@grady_the_goldendoodle). 

While hanging with his family and friends is a blast, his absolute bestie is pink, plush, and named Piggy. Cooper has had many adventures with his favorite stuffed pal, and they even have their own hashtag #cooperandpiggy. So, it’s no surprise that this dynamic duo = friendship goals.

Gift Spawt caught up with Cooper and Piggy, and they decided to share a few details of their special bond.

Cooper and Piggy just celebrated their 1 year friendaversary

Piggy is actually 8 years old, and Cooper’s older brother brought him home after winning a reading contest in his Kindergarten class.

One night, Cooper was looking for a chess partner, and Piggy was up for the challenge. They realized that they both liked board games, including Scrabble and Monopoly, and became fast friends. 

At the same time, Cooper also has fun wrestling with Piggy, but treats him with extra care. He knows that Piggy is different from his other toys because he doesn’t make any squeaky sounds, just oinks when he’s hungry!

They play all day, but like to sleep separately at night  

 After cruising the neighborhood in Cooper’s red wagon or having a picnic in the park, Cooper likes to cool down by sleeping on the floor. Piggy, on the other hand, prefers the softness of a bed and can’t say goodnight until Cooper reads him a story.

Cooper and Piggy haven't let stardom go to their heads

Despite being featured on Buzzfeed and numerous other accounts, Cooper and Piggy keep each other grounded and are both so friendly and down-to-earth. One of Cooper’s favorite memories with Piggy was when they took over @dogswithstuffedanimalsand shared their New Year’s festivities with everyone. 

They may have had a little too much fun ringing in 2018, and Cooper was there to comfort Piggy when he stepped on the scale and realized his “new year, new me” diet wasn’t going according to plan.

Piggy is a mellow guy and doesn’t get jealous of Cooper’s other stuffed friends

When Cooper posts a photo with another stuffed animal on his Instagram page, everyone usually asks, “Where’s Piggy?!” However, Piggy knows he has a special place in Cooper’s family and never gets upset if Cooper makes new friends, plush or otherwise.

A special thank you to Cooper’s mom for sharing his story with us. You can follow all of Cooper and Piggy’s escapades on IG @cooperdoodle2015.

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