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Dogs vs. Celebs – Who Wore It Best?

by Gift Spawt September 23, 2019 2 min read

Dogs vs. Celebs – Who Wore It Best?

Not only are dogs adorable, lovable, and loyal, they can also be extremely stylish. In fact, some pups have a flair for fashion that rivals the most famous stars in the world.

Whether it’s wearing buffalo plaid, spandex, wigs, or a cape, these 11 dogs are giving their celebrity doppelgangers a run for their money!

We’ll admit that we’re pretty partial to the pups, but who do you think wore it best – the dog or celeb?

1. @minidoodlebentley vs. Justin Timberlake 

Looks like Queen Bey has some serious competition from Bentley and JT! While they’ve both nailed the black leotard look and single-lady sass, Bentley is the clear winner with his luscious doodle locks.

2. @siatheboerboel vs. Sia

Will the real Sia please stand up? Sia the Boerboel and her mini me have taken the singer’s look to the next level with their matching wigs and bows. They definitely make us want to swing from the chandelier!



3. @noodlelovesyou vs. Mena Suvari

Rose petals ✔ Bath tub ✔Star quality ✔ Even though Mena was the original, Noodle has clearly succeeded her as the true American Beauty! This upgrade calls for some champagne!

4. @bella_theshibainu vs. Ryan Reynolds

Looking for the perfect dog gift? While most people wouldn’t mind finding Ryan Reynolds under the tree on Christmas morning, no one compares to the cute and cuddly Bella!

5. @codycuddlebug vs. Britney vs. Bobby Berk from Queer Eye

Oops, he did it again! Not only is Cody a cuddle bug, he’s also a total floof beast in his red unitard. Sorry, Britney and Bobby, but this dood outperformed you both!

6. @mr_fetching vs. Kim Kardashian

Is it just us or does Maxie the Corgi bear a striking resemblance to Kim K?! Although they both look effortlessly chic in their platinum wigs and low-cut blazers, the award for best-dressed clearly goes to Maxie with his perfect pout and chest floof!

 7. @samsonthedood vs. Ryan Gosling

Hey, girl! Everyone loves a Canadian boy, especially when they are as handsome as Samson and Ryan. While both looks have got us mad for plaid, we’re team Samson all the way!

8. @hugotheshiba vs. Superman

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Super Shiba! Who needs Superman, when we’ve got Hugo to save the day? We’re sure he makes a dashing Bark Kent as well!

9. @gusgusinthecity vs. Donald Trump

Nobody wears a suit and comb-over better than this fashionable Frenchie! He looks absolutely tremendous and has got our vote for most stylish pooch.

10. @kodathecanineyoda vs. Katy Perry

Blue is definitely Koda’s color! This Texas boy can pass for California Girl Katy any day of the week and looks totally fierce in a wig and sparkly bustier!

11. @tobeyandpercy vs. Buddy the Elf

Already thinking about Christmas? Santa is sure to choose Percy to help him make all the dog toys for good girls and boys!

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