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Cookie, Do You Love Me?

by Gift Spawt August 12, 2018 3 min read

Cookie, Do You Love Me? | Blog | Gift Spawt

Cooper (@cavapoo_cooper) is a 1-year-old cavapoo from Washington, DC, and after a long week at work with his human, he loves to spend time with friends. He says that while park dates are a blast, nothing beats a whole weekend of uninterrupted playtime.

 In fact, when Cooper’s been a really good boy, his mom let’s him have a sleepover with some of his puppy pals. He even got to have a co-ed slumber party this past weekend when Cookie (@cavapoocookie), who’s also a 1-year-old cavapoo, came to stay at his house. Cooper shared all the details of their first pj party with us, and it sounds like this adorable duo had the best staycation EVER.

Cooper on the left. Cookie on the right 

When Cooper met Cookie

Cooper and Cookie formed a friendship on Instagram this past year and bonded over being from DC and loving sticks. They finally decided to get together in real life and met at a local dog park one Saturday. Cookie was a little shy at first, but once they started playing, it was clear that they were going to be friends forever. 

Cooper says that he pulled out all of his coolest moves and tricks that day to win Cookie’s heart, but they decided to just be friends. Now they’re officially besties and have regular romps at the park, playing until it’s too dark to be outside anymore.

It’s slumber party time!

Normally, pups aren’t very excited for their humans to take trips without them. However, Cookie was actually looking forward to her parent’s beach weekend because it meant she was going on her own vacation at Club Cooper. Cooper couldn’t wait either and wanted to make sure that their first sleepover was epic. 

To get the party started, he greeted Cookie at the door with a stick in his mouth and a pretty wild chase ensued. They then took their play session inside, which involved Cooper having a few sits on Cookie! He admits that he has no concept of personal space, and even though Cookie is half his size, she enjoyed every minute of it.

They love to smile, hug, and snort together

Cooper says that his favorite thing about Cookie is her sweet personality and that she makes him smile. Plus, she gives great hugs and is always super excited to see him. 

He also thinks that Cookie appreciates his signature noises, and her mom loves the snorts she hears when the two of them play.

Wake up, share sweet treats, play, repeat

The morning after their sleepover, Cooper treated Cookie to a special breakfast of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. He said that his Strawberry Waffle Burrow  is his yummiest toy, and Cookie was so impressed when he was able to pull all of the strawberries out from the waffle. Cooper wanted to show off a little more, so he took a victory lap with one of the strawberries, and Cookie ran after him.

They’re ready for a sleepover sequel

Not only did Cooper and Cookie have an awesome first slumber party, but another one is already in the works for later this summer. They are looking forward to all of the fun and trouble that they can get into a second time around! A special thank you to Cooper’s mom for co-hosting the sleepover and sharing his story with us. You can follow all of Cooper and Cookie’s adventures on Instagram at @cavapoo_cooper and @cavapoocookie.

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