9 of the Most Fashionable Dogs on Instagram

9 of the Most Fashionable Dogs on Instagram

1. @bowserkoopaha

This fashionable dood hails from LA. As a professional pup and party animal, Bowser’s looks range from business casual to boho chic. Each day he treats his IG friends to an OOTD, which usually features a bold tie, bandana, or bow tie!

2. @furry_cousins

Bella’s got a flair for fashion and is classic, elegant, and sophisticated. She’s often seen sporting a pair of oversized shades and looks from all of the top fashion houses, including Chewnel, Sniffany, and Hairmes.

3. @gusgusinthecity

Gus is a Frenchie from Minneapolis, who lives to love, was born to model, and loves to cuddle. His style is undeniable, and he finds that looking good is the key to feeling great!

4. @arnedoodle

Arne is a little London pup now loving life in sunny LA. His fashion motto is “Less is not more,” and he’s known to put on a jazzy shirt, sweater, or pair of sunglasses to match his mood.

5. @kimcheethemaltipoo

Not only does Kimchee have swoon-worthy hair, he also has one of the best wardrobes on Instagram. No matter what he’s wearing, this dapper pup always looks fabulous.

6. @sweet_lucille

Lucille is a redheaded cavapoo from California. Whether in a pretty dress, colorful shades, or a preppy cardigan set, she’s effortlessly stylish and sweet! 

7. @3colorfulyorkies

Miss Rylee never leaves home without a coordinating hair bow or crown. She’s a huge fan of sparkles and shine, and the ultimate girlie girl. 

8. @bentleythepom_la

Bentley is a global fashion icon who divides his time between LA and NYC. His serious swagger has gotten him featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and he doesn’t shy away from wearing sunglasses everywhere he goes (even indoors!).

9. @madpupmattis

Mattis is a southern gentleman who’s always dressed to impressed. Especially when decked out in a denim jacket and gold nameplate!

Who are your favorite fashion-forward pups on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

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