13 Instagram Dogs That Should Be the Next Bachelor

by Gift Spawt January 07, 2019 3 min read

13 Instagram Dogs That Should Be the Bachelor | Blog | Gift Spawt

Attention Bachelor Nation! In the most shocking rose ceremony ever, the Bachelor will be replaced by one of these kissable, loyal, and ridiculously adorable pups. Chris Harrison will remain as host, because we need his dramatic pauses. 

Here are 13 Instagram dogs that should be the next bachelor.

1. Cooper - @cavapoo_cooper

Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled with kisses from Cooper? This handsome dood is a perfect gentleman and will shower you with unique dog gifts when asking for a date.

2. Kiwi - @kiwi_the_poodle

No Ubers or Lyfts for Kiwi’s ladies. He makes sure to pick them up at their door and comes dressed to impress.

3. Kuma - @kumabearthegolden

Kuma is a dashing golden retriever and describes himself as loyal, honest, funny, trustworthy, and very loving. Won’t you accept his rose?

4. Charles Barkley – @charlesbarkleydood

Charles is the kind of guy that was born to put a smile on his lady’s face. A sense of humor is important to him, and he says: “I may be a handful, but that’s why you have two hands.”

5. Einstein - @einsteinbebop_corgi

Einstein knows the way to a woman’s heart and brings truly unique dog gifts to impress his dates. Can any girl resist a man that shows up with a bouquet of puppies?

6. Chiko - @chikothemaltipoo

An old-fashioned kind of guy, Chiko is known to surprise his dates with a romantic, candlelit dinner for two. He appreciates the classics, including red roses and wine.

7. Prince Louie - @louieisalove

Prince Louie is a passionate kisser. He reveals “I like my strawberries the way I like my women – with an extra silky layer.”

8. Bowser - @bowserkoopaha

This LA-based dood and part-time model has been melting ladies’ hearts since 2017, with his style, charm, and playful attitude. He’s got all the right moves and the perfect pick-up lines. One of his favorites is “If your mommy didn’t want you to date a bad boy, she shouldn’t have made you so beautiful.”

9. Humphrey - @humphrey.d.dog

Humphrey is looking for love and hoping to find his ideal match. He says “The right man will love you unconditionally, will be loyal, and will always be happy to see you. BONUS that I’m ridiculously good looking.” Yes, you are Humphrey!

10. Chewie - @chewiethemalshi

If you’ve been searching for a well-dressed dude who always tries to make people laugh, then Chewie is your guy. Not only will he treat you to flowers and a delicious dessert, but he’ll patiently wait to eat until you come back from the ladies room. Now, that’s a gentleman!

11. Mr. Bertie Brown - @mrbertiebrown

Attention ladies! Bertie is currently taking applications for a Valentine to sweep off her paws. He promises to write you love letters and always be a dapper dood.

12. Bailey - @bailey.the.sheprador

Bailey is a self-proclaimed good boi, who’s ready to give his roses to a lucky lady. Although his ears have a mind of their own, he’s a really good listener.

13. Bubalah - @bubalahpoochie

Mr. Bubalah is a fashionista and total sweetheart from Greenwich Village, NY. He enjoys the finer things in life and is looking to share them with someone special. Plus, he’s not afraid to show off a little chest floof. 

Who do you think should be the next Bachelor? Let us know in the comments below!

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