10 Signs You’re a Bona Fide Dog Mom

May 11, 2019 3 min read

10 Signs You’re a Bona Fide Dog Mom

Do you consider your dog to be a child instead of a pet? Are most of your decisions guided by how they will affect your pup? Do your friends, family members, and colleagues know more about your dog’s life than your own? If you answered yes, then you are not alone. In fact, 3 out of 4 female dog owners call themselves dog moms and approximately 45% refer to their pups as a “fur baby.” So, what makes someone a pet parent rather than simply a dog owner? 

Continue reading for 10 signs that you’re a bona fide dog mom.

1. Your Camera Roll is Full of Photos of Your Dog

There’s no denying that dog momslove taking photos of their pups – doing pretty much anything and everything. It may even get to the point that you’re constantly receiving storage alerts on your phone. But rather than delete any precious memories of your pup, you find a way to rationalize getting a new phone with 256GB.

2. You Ask if Your Dog Can Come Before Accepting an Invitation

Most dog moms try to include their pups as much as possible in their activities. So, it’s not surprising that many vet plans to determine if they’re dog friendly before making any commitments. 

Do you find yourself saying, “Let me check if this restaurant has outdoor seating and allows dogs?” Then you’re definitely a dog mom.

3. You Tell Your Dog You Love Him Before Leaving the House

Dog moms can’t leave home without telling their dogs that they love them, they’ll be home soon, and be a good boy. At the same time, their husband, wife, or partner merely gets a quick “bye.”

4. You Throw a Birthday Party for Your Dog Every Year

While some people make sure that everyone knows it’s their birthday and celebrates accordingly, dog moms plan huge barkday parties for their pups and friends. These festivities often include decorations, dog gifts, pupcakes, party favors, and, of course, a custom-madecake.

5. Your Nights and Weekends are Filled with Puppy Playdates and Dog Events

Being a dog mom, means having a jam-packed social calendar full of dog events. In fact, most weekends revolve around attending doodle romps, happy hours, barkday parties, park dates, or pup-friendly brunches.

6. You Have Multiple Nicknames for Your Pup

Not only do you have multiple nicknames, but many of them have absolutely zero relation to your dog’s actual name. Bonus points if you use them more often than your pup’s given name, and he’s starting to answer to them.

7. You’ve Cancelled Plans to Stay in With Your Dog

 We’ve all been there. The thought of your dog sitting home alone on a Friday night is just too much, so you find a way to stay in with her instead. Pupflix and Chill, anyone?

8. You Have a Voice Specifically Reserved for Talking to Your Dog

If you seamlessly transition from your professional-sounding, adult voice to another tone entirely when talking to your pup, you are 100% a dog mom.

9. You Spend More on Your Dog Than Yourself

With so many adorable dog toys, stylish accessories, gourmet treats, and high-quality food options, dog moms often have trouble denying their pups anything. Even if it means that their dogs have nicer clothes and more decadent meals than they do.

10. You Turn on the TV for Your Dog Every Morning Before You Go to Work

Dogs need entertainment too, right? So, dog moms make sure that their pups have some stimulating programs to watch while they are gone. Some of us even ask our dogs which show they want to see and if they agree with our final selection! 

To all our fellow dog moms, thank you for everything you do! You deserve to be celebrated for all the love and care you show your pups. Happy National Dog Mom’s Day!!

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